Body made by nature, precision made by Vixen.

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Not only are our sleeves all American made, but all the parts and materials that go into their creation are made and purchased in the USA.

Tight tolerances are strictly adhered to:

we measure every part to make sure the specifications you ordered are the exact ones you receive.

In addition to creating high quality sleeves,

we are aware of the new CA emissions laws that some of you are facing. Let us work with you to rebuild and adapt your engines.

Diversified manufacturing of parts for all

"Behind every great part, stands a great woman" - Vixen Industries is a woman owned business.

To us, customer service means working closely with our customers to make sure you get what you deserve. Because of our attention to detail and people, we have customers internationally: in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We have some high profile customers and supply well respected parts warehouses. Our customers are highly respected in the industry and would only trust the best:

Vixen Industries.

Perfection illustrated by Leonardo de Vinci's The Vitruvian Man draws from the geometrical perfection that Marcus Vitruvius saw in the human body. We draw on this combination of naturally occurring curves and artistic enhancement when we develop our engine sleeves and parts. We'll blow you away with our tight fit, intense durability, and quality performance.

Active in the community, Vixen Industries supports their local Riverside Police Association.

Competitive prices, precision sleeves, and superior customer service - you get the trifecta with us!

American made parts

No room for errors in our sleeves

Helping to fulfill all your engine needs

Full service customer care

"Body made by nature, precision made by Vixen"

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